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Terms of Use

Version 3.0. Last modified: Jan 27, 2019

These stipulations & stipulations (the “T&C” or “Terms”) direct your entrance and use of our Website and benefits at (the “Website”). Please discbalance them carefully.

The Website is owned and operated by ICard Holdings.

By using this Website, you admit to be skip by the stipulations and stipulations recognized herein. You arrogation and arrest that You feel liberal allotcogent issue to penetrate these Terms of Use and to be allotablely skip by it.

1. Definitions

Website” media an correspondentity correspondentity of the web pages adapted at and all sub-domains thereof, where the Services are realized.

Services” media refers to multiestablish types of written tasks, including essays, examination papers, dissertations and other written academic outcomes that may solicited by the Client.

Terms & Conditions”, “Terms”, or “T&C” stipulations of use besides include: Privacy Policy, Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy, Plagiarism-Free Guarantee.

User”, “You”, “Client” wealths a normal idiosyncratic, single entrepreneur or a allotcogent existence that is recorded on the Website as the user and has real these Stipulations and anyone submitting, command, executing an appoint, uploading any counsel and conveyring effacements on this Website.

Writer” is a idiosyncratic employed or other ways scrutinizing by us as a freelancer, who stipulate examination and communication benefits to the Client, according to the admitment delay us.

Account” media the idiosyncraticalized minority of the Website, shut for social entrance, which is formd behind the User’s registration. Account is idiosyncraticalized by Your Account designate and ignoringword.

Order” is an electronic solicit for a remunerated Benefit from the Client for a alloticular communication Service. Appoint specifies the object of outcome and other claimments of the Client in-reference-to the issue. Appoint refers to the written appoint that was submitted in electronic establish online on our Website by the Client. An Order includes the outcome in its whole concurrently delay its consumer claimments.

Product” is the outcome of an Order, which comes as pristine resigned, written and delivered to the Client in combinement to his or her asking as a digital document.

Client's information” wealths the finish incloseing ignoringage counsel reproduce-exhibited in any format that is real by the Website that has been submitted by You for the intimation or as an issue. We subjoinedcited a periodholding the correct to enumerate the claimments in-reference-to the extent and the establishat of the finishs delay the Client`s counsel You may download in Appoint establish.

2. Appoint Placing and Registration

  1. The Appoint is assignd by completing the Appoint establish supposing in the Website. No Issue is supposing by other wealths then by solicit.
  2. The Appoint establish conquer indicate the object of the outcome, Appoint parameters and donation stipulations. It is Your idiosyncratical calling to stipulate suitable, liberal and latest counsel to each criterion Appoint establish minority when accoutre in Our Appoint establish.
  3. In analysis to Your Issue claimments You conquer be solicited to record by providing Your adjunction counsel such as designate, email discourse and phone reckon. Should any of these parameters transmute balance interval, it is your calling to updeissue your Account counsel conformably or inestablish our help of such transmutes.

3. Appoint Cancelment and Discounts

  1. When placing an Order, You admit to buy the Issue from Us. We set-out to regularity Your Appoint singly behind the effacement for the Issue is made and is attested.
  2. The effacement for the Issue is adapted according to our present pricing, which you may invent at the Pricing page, and is remunerated in gradation as recognized in the Appoint establish uninterruptedly the object of outcome is signed. We are not beneath obligation for Issue donation until the effacement has been made in liberal and has been attested.
  3. Orders can be remunerated delay effacement methods, presently adapted at the Website. Resigned hinder the Website to invent adapted effacement methods at the deissue of your effacement.
  4. We subjoinedcited a periodholding the correct to prproffer allotance and douceures at our own wish in combinement to present Allowance Policy.
  5. The Concourse intrusts to stipulate correspondent entrance to allotance and douceur program counsel for each Client delay no crusty.
  6. If the Client wishes to plug outcomeing delay us – a return conquer be regularityed according to the Money Back Insure Policy. Resigned music, that we cannot be held beneath obligation for your Bank Convey fees, convey anomalies, and/or feasible delays betidering due to any Bank benefit issues.
  7. You are beneath obligation for paying any taxes, including any benefits or prize borrowed taxes, which may be conducive depending on the allowableization of the Services supposing.
  8. Depending on Your residency or colonization, You may be matter to real ad valorem or other taxes, on real fees that we enjoin. These taxes conquer be borrowed to fees billed to You, if conducive.
  9. You profess that You must concede delay Your obligations beneath proceeds tax qualifications in Your allowableization.

4. Appoint Process

  1. Order validation. We subjoinedcited a periodholding the correct to re-hinder the Appoint details subjoinedcited the latest effacement to perpetuate whether the claimments of the assignment were met successfully as involved by the Client. Should a stranger betide, we subjoinedcited a periodholding the correct to differ the Appoint to fix that the Client’s claimments feel been conformd to.
  2. Order capacity. Each Appoint assignd by the Client has a claimd capacity, that is measured by the reckon of pages. One page correspondents to 275 language. Upon the Issue donation the instrument current has to mate the expected reckon of pages metric. Should there be a page/reckon of language stranger, the Client may solicit to reformat the Nursing Dissertation to mate the reckon of language/pages.
  3. Changes of Appoint details. The Client may stipulate transmutes to the object of outcome singly if the writer has not set-outed the outcome yet. No transmutes can be made uninterruptedly the Writer has set-outed examinationing and outcomeing on the Order. Should the Appoint details growth in capacity, Appoint entanglement or compressed the quantity stipulations, the Client conquer be asked to stipulate analysisal atonement for the analysisal instructions.
  4. Resources. Should the Client claim biased wealth reproduce-exhibitative to be utilized in the Appoint regularity, she/he must indicate those wealths and/or stipulate them to the Writer.
  5. Communication. The Client is very-much tolerated to join delay the Writer or our help team using the messaging scheme of the Website or by adjunctioning the help team promptly by phone or feed colloquy when seeking past counsel.
  6. Progress footprinting. The Client may footprint the measure of his/her Orders by using his/her idiosyncratical Account, where counsel environing his/her Appoint and its standing is ostentationed. The Client may as polite adjunction help by using all message wealths, which are adapted 24/7, to get updates on his or her Appoint standing.

5. Appoint Delivery

  1. We are beneath obligation for the donation of the Issue and for parley the deadline involved in the Order.
  2. It is the Client’s idiosyncratical calling to fix availability of donation channels uninterruptedly we feel supposing the Issue to the Client. We conquer not be held beneath obligation for an inexact email discourse involved by the Client in the produce, spam filters, internet outages and unconcealed client inadvertency to stipulate message channels and other adjunction wealths which are aggravate our coerce. The Client is tolerated to adjunction help for any skin of subsistence delay an Order’s donation.
  3. The Client is held beneath obligation for downloading the Issue in a intervally habit behind the Issue has been supposing by us.
  4. Please retrospect our Money Back Guarantee to be distinguishn of you correct for return.

6. Appoint Revision

  1. Please discbalance our Revision Policy.
  2. Please music that we subjoinedcited a periodholding the correct to dismiss a qualification solicit if the qualification instructions injure judicious Appoint instructions. In such facts the Client may be solicited to pay analysisally for the solicited transmutes or assign the Appoint for editing.
  3. Please music that we subjoinedcited a periodholding he correct to dismiss or designation multiple qualification solicits if the Client’s bearing demonstrates apparent operationation of the Writer and other silly solicits.

7. Return Policy

We are beneath obligation for delivering the Issue in a intervally habit and according to the Client claimments involved in the Order. Should any of the Client’s intrustments be injured the Client is entitled to a immureed or a liberal reimbursement according to our Money Back Insure Policy.

8. The Use of Products

  1. When making a effacement for an Appoint You admit it is for idiosyncratical and non-commercial use singly and the effacement You establish is a meditation of the interval and attempt put into influenceing pertinent examination and communication pertaining to your Appoint as polite as all the expedient subsistence and government for Issue donation.
  2. You are not alloted to generate, differ, dissect or ostentation the Issue in any way on the Internet or in the establish of a obdurate observation balance a self-possessed designation expedient for idiosyncratical use.

9. Plagiarism

By submitting an Appoint and/or effacement for a Product, you profess and admit that:

  1. we subjoinedcited a periodholding the correct to efface any admitment, compress or provision delay any idiosyncratic who disregards or attempts to ignoring any Products as their pristine outcome. You besides admit that any Issue delivered by us may not be ignoringed to third alloties, nor dissectd in any way for effacement or for any other object. You besides profess that if we augur that a Issue has been dissectd or used by You in a way that is disunited delay these Stipulations and/or plagiarized in any way, we subjoinedcited a periodholding the correct to remains to heave out any raise outcome for You and/or stipulate any Services to You.
  2. You may not put Your designate on any Product. All Products and/or any other written reproduce-exhibitatives delivered by us to You are for examination and/or intimation objects singly. We do not disregard, tolerate, or distinguishingly siege allot in plagiarism or any other acts of academic wrong or vice. We strongly conform to and restrain by all observationcorrect laws and conquer not distinguishingly allot any Client to intrust plagiarism or injure observationcorrect laws. You admit that any Issue and/or other written reproduce-exhibitative delivered is supposing singly as a stance, issue instrument for examination use. The use written samples are supposing by us for examination objects ONLY and can not be used as a accoutre of Your own communication. It can singly be used as a stance Nursing Dissertation, from which You can glean how to exhaust Your own examination equitcogent or siege impulse for Your own thinking. Entire allots of the examination supposing by our concourse may be used in Client's pristine segregatey of communication singly if equitcogent cited or paraphrased. Resigned hinder Your university immureion of plagiarism for pleasurcogent use of rise reproduce-exhibitative.
  3. Neither our concourse nor any of its affiliates and/or allotners shall be impeded for any unethical, impertinent, unfair, or inadequately iniquitous use of the Products and/or other written reproduce-exhibitative current from the Website. This includes plagiarism, lawsuits, insufficient grading, outlawry, academic proof, privation of scholarships / awards / yields/ prizes / titles / poses, demand, suspension, or any other disciplinary or allotcogent renewals. Purchasers of Products from the Website are singly beneath obligation for any and all disciplinary renewals arising from the inexpedient, unethical, and/or ilallowcogent use of such Products.

10. Idiosyncratic Axioms and effacement counsel: use and security

For details of how we convene, use and accumulation your Idiosyncratic Data, including your idiosyncratical axioms and effacement details, resigned see our Privacy Policy.

11. Account counsel and pawn

  1. As allot of the registration regularity you conquer be asked to stipulate your designate and e-mail discourse (one or twain of which conquer be your userdesignate for the Website) and clarified a ignoringword.
  2. You must haunt your Account counsel arrest and must not divulge it to or dissect it delay anyone.
  3. You conquer be beneath obligation for all activities and Orders associated delay Your Account. If you distinguish or augur that someone else has Your ignoringword, You should go to Edit produce and transmute it Yourself, or adjunction us using one of the methods poor here.
  4. We subjoinedcited a periodholding the correct to transmute Your ignoringword if we price that it is no longer arrest. If we do so, You conquer be notified by an email sent to the email discourse supposing in your Account.
  5. If You overlook Your ignoringword resigned click here where You conquer be cogent to reset your ignoringword supposing You recompense our pawn hinder.

12. Use of the Website; issue and suspension of use

  1. You may entrance the Website singly for Your own idiosyncratical, non-commercial use.
  2. You must not use any allot of the Website for any ilallowcogent object. In alloticular, You may not use the Website for any of the subjoinedcited objects:
    1. Disseminating any occupied, troublesome, damnatory, abusive, menacing, disadvantageous, disgusting, or inadequately objectioncogent reproduce-exhibitative or inadequately gaping any laws;
    2. Transmitting reproduce-exhibitative that tolerates influence that constitutes a vicious felony, or inadequately gapes any conducive laws, regulations or sequence(s) of practice;
    3. Interfering delay any other idiosyncratic’s use of the Website; or
    4. Making, despatchting or storing electronic copies of reproduce-exhibitatives armed by observationcorrect delayout the compliance of the possessor.
  3. If You gap any of the qualifications of these Terms, You conquer be beneath obligation for any privationes and costs outcomeing from your gap.
  4. We may stop your use of the Website if you gap any of these Terms.
  5. If we inferably augur your use of the Website is feigning the allowtalented production of the Website or may adversely feign other Client, we may intermit your entrance to the Website at any interval period we investigate the pose.
  6. In fact You conquer try to adjunction Writer by wealths other than is alloted by the Website`s functionality, we conquer assume this renewal as permutation of the Terms.

13. Subjective Attribute Hues (“IPRs”)

  1. IPRs in the Products
    1. The Products delivered to You feel been exhausted by our Writers.
    2. Full observationcorrect in any Products or other reproduce-exhibitatives delivered to You is retained by us and/or our affiliates and allotners.
    3. Subject to effacement for Products we yield You a non-exclusive allow to use the Products You feel appointed for your idiosyncratical, non-commercial use singly.
    4. You admit not to dissect, announce, despatch, differ, ostentation or form derivative outcomes from, or operation the Products and/or resigneds of this Website, delayout our antecedent written acquiesce.
    5. You conquer be beneath obligation for all privationes we may bear as a outcome of any and all unattested use made of any Products and/or reproduce-exhibitative adapted from this Website.
  2. IPRs in any reproduce-exhibitatives that You accoutre to us

You must fix that any reproduce-exhibitatives You stipulate to us (in alloticular those you stipulate/upload as a intimation or rise reproduce-exhibitative) do not contravene the topicive attribute or other corrects or any other idiosyncratic or injure any conducive laws. If they do, You conquer be beneath obligation for any losses which we may converge as a outcome.

  1. IPRs on the Website
    1. All IPRs in any allot of the Website are owned by or allowd to us.
    2. No IPRs on the Website (or any allot thereof) is intentional to, and it shall not be reported to, convey to any idiosyncratic who entrancees the Website.
    3. Except as expressly easy by these Stipulations or as inadequately admitd delay us, You may not observation, proclaim, or download any resigned of the Website.
  2. Sources Used Sign

You conquer not be supposing delay subscription or e-books in their whole. Rather, excerpts cited in the Issue are delivered for referencing objects. Furthermore, a benefit fee is assessed for the conveneion and donation of reproduce-exhibitatives, including links to rises from where the reproduce-exhibitative is adapted in its whole for purchasing or viewing.

14. Disclaimer and Retention of impost

  1. The Website is supposing “as is” and we do not insure that the Website conquer converge Your expectations or claimments. If Your computer equipment does not help pertinent technology, including encryption, You may not be cogent to entrance the Website and/or use some or all of the Services.
  2. The Website is entranceed via the World Wide Web, which is recalcitrant of us. Your use of the World Wide Web is singly at Your own facilitate and matter to all conducive unconcealed and interunconcealed laws and regulations. We do not reproduce-exhibit that the Website is after a whilehold or adapted for use in any allowableization.
  3. The Website may inclose hyperlinks to websites and wealths owned by third alloties. These third-edge websites and wealths may feel their own stipulations of use and concealment policies and you should retrospect them. We do not sanction any calling or impost for any third-edge websites and wealths and Your entrance and use of such benefits and resigned is at Your own facilitate. Before accoutreing any idiosyncratical counsel to any other website, we confide that you hinder that website`s policies.
  4. In no incident conquer we be impeded for any privation or damnification arising as a outcome of any modifications we may establish to the Website.
  5. We conquer not feel any impost to You or any other idiosyncratic, whether arising out of or in relation delay the Products and/or Services including but not designationed to
    • phone, electronic, obdurateware or software, network, Internet, email, or computer malfunctions, demands or difficulties of any skin;
    • failed, spoilt, garbled or tardy computer and/or email transmissions;
    • any qualification agentd by incidents aggravate the coerce of the concourse that potentiality agent the Issue and/or Services to be (as conducive) tardy, disrupted, or corrupted;
    • any injuries, privationes or damnifications of any skin arising in relation delay, or as a outcome of, utilizing the Services; or
    • any printing or typographical errors in any Product(s).
  6. We conquer not feel any impost to You or any other idiosyncratic, whether arising out of or in relation delay your use of the Website, or Your want to use the Website, or for any other infer including, delayout designationation, for: any matters due to any incidents beyond our self-possessed coerce; or any unforeseecogent privationes or damnifications.
  7. Nothing incloseed in these Stipulations is intentional to designation or reject any impost for mortality or idiosyncratical damnification arising from inadvertency, or for wrongulent deformity, or any other impost which may not be designationed or rejectd by law or intentional to feign Your statutory corrects as a consumer.

15. Miscellaneous

  1. You may not convey any of Your corrects beneath these Stipulations to any other idiosyncratic. We may convey our corrects beneath these Stipulations to another concern where we inferably price Your corrects conquer not be feigned.
  2. If you gap these Stipulations and we adopt to repudiate this, we conquer calm?} be entitled to lean on our corrects and remedies at a subjoined deissue or in any other birth where you gap these Terms.

16. Notices

  1. Unless inadequately recognized in these Terms, all regards from You to us must be in communication and sent to our adjunction discourse loving in the Contact Us page on the Website.
  2. All regards from us to you conquer be either:
    • displayed on the Website from interval to interval;
    • displayed on Your idiosyncratical appoint page; or
    • emailed to the email discourse supposing in Account.

17. Governing law and allowableization

  1. These Stipulations are directed by laws of England and Wales.
  2. All argues akin to these Stipulations shall be unswerving by negotiations betwixt the alloties, which admit to establish all attempts to contravene the argue. If the Parties trip to strain acquiesce, the argues shall be unswerving by amity beneath the London Court of Interunconcealed Amity (LCIA), which Rules are reported to be incorporated by intimation into this paragraph.
  3. In analysis, twain You and the we admit to induce any argue in amity on an single reason singly, and not on a tabulate, conveneive, or reproduce-exhibitative reason on bestead of others. There conquer be no correct or issue for any argue to be brought, heard or arbitrated as a tabulate, conveneive, reproduce-exhibitative or retired counsel unconcealed renewal, or as a constituent in any such tabulate, conveneive, reproduce-exhibitative or retired counsel unconcealed measure.

18. Amendments

  1. We subjoinedcited a periodholding the correct at any interval to (i) transmute any counsel, biasedations, signs or functions of the Website or Services (ii) intermit or break, temporarily or permanently, any or all of the Services or any allot of the Website, including the availability of any sign, axiomsbase or resigned, or (iii) enjoin designations on real signs and Services or immure entrance to allots or all of the Services, in each fact delay or delayout antecedent regard and delayout any impost to You or any third alloty. We conquer use commercially self-possessed attempts to warn You of transmutes to the Services and/or Website that, in our self-possessed theory, feel the issue of reproduce-exhibitatively and adversely diminishing the functionality of the Services You are careful when using Website.
  2. We may from interval to interval updeissue or re-examine these Terms. If we updeissue or re-examine these Terms, we conquer warn You either by email to Your most of-late supposing email discourse, by posting the updated or re-examined Stipulations on the Website or by any other habit clarified by us in our commercially self-possessed wish. Your use of the Website or Services subjoinedcited any such updeissue or qualification constitutes Your admitment to be skip by and concede delay these Stipulations as updated or re-examined or You may be asked to bestow your plain acquiesce to be skip by new Terms. It is your calling to retrospect the Stipulations periodically.

19. Adjunction details

If you claim raise counsel environing the Website, resigned adjunction us either by phone, email or colloquy loving in the Contact Us page on the Website or on your idiosyncratical Appoint page.


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You can get more details about possible types and terms of refunds on our official money-back guarantee page.

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You will get the first version of your paper in a non-editable PDF format within the deadline. You are welcome to check it and inform us if any changes are needed. If everything is okay, and no amendments are necessary, you can approve the order and download the .doc file. If there are any issues you want to change, you can apply for a free revision and the writer will amend the paper according to your instructions.

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If your paper needs some changes, you can apply for a free revision that is available for 7 days after your paper is approved. To use this option, you have a “Revision” button on your personal page.

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You can’t apply for a refund on certain stages of your order, like when the order is not finished by the writer yet.

When the paper is delivered, the “Refund” button on your personal order page becomes clickable.

On the relevant tab of your personal order page, you will also be able to choose the type of refund you’re demanding and the reason why you applying for it. As soon as you do that, our dispute department will start working on your inquiry. All kinds of refunds concerning the quality or the lateness of your paper should be requested within 14 days from the time the paper was delivered, as in 14 days your paper, will be automatically approved.

Your inquiry should be submitted by clicking the “Refund” button on your personal order page only.