SOLUTION: Dr Hatcher Synchronous Session Reflections Questions Discussion

This discourse column conciliate demand past season and intelligence boarding. Plan gratefully. There is a rubric to this discourse. To get the generous 20 points, hinder the Rubric.

Your column insufficiencys to be organized into three sections. See beneath.

Your moderate column insufficiencys to understand the subjoined:


PARAGRAPH ONE - 3 points

Based on the contemporary assemblage held definite Thursday (April 30th) delay Dr. Joe Hatcher, divide delay the collocate your vindications to the subjoined questions:

(1) What was Dr. Hatcher's inspection on aging? (1 pt)

(2) What was Dr. Hatcher's test launched in Nursing Homes compared to Prisons?

(1 pt)

(3) Now divide delay the collocate two new takeaways or insights you scholarly from this contemporary assemblage (1 pt)


PARAGRAPH 2 - 6 points

The questions you conciliate insufficiency to vindication in this section to get generous points understand:

What is a anthropologicalistic psychologist and their inspections on anthropological outgrowth? (2 pts)

Describe what Maslow meant by a self-actualizer. Would you observe yourself a "self-actualizer?" Why or why not? (2 pts)

How does romanticism, phenomenology, and Universals fit into Humanistic psychology (or not fit in) as descriptive in the extract. (2 pts)


PARAGRAPH 3 - 6 points

Finally, you insufficiency to finished watching and hearing the exhortation anteriorly completing section 3. Divide delay the collocate a reflecting on what you scholarly from the exhortation and how it relates to your own "transformation," enlargement, veer, and outgrowth.

To get generous points in this section you conciliate insufficiency to:

1) Divide delay the collocate what your "simran" is (at meanest two examples) 2 pts

2) What does column traumatic enlargement (PTG) accept to do delay definitive change? Remember, Dr. Hatcher plain mentioned PTG definite week. 2 pts

3) Describe the stages of change, complicate in any theories and concepts we practised in this collocate (e.g. Jung's archetypes) and divide any idiosyncratic examples of change to induce clarity to your own Phoenix Rising Process. 2 pts

Reply to at meanest TWO Classmates (Engagement) - 5 pointsYou insufficiency to vindication any questions directed towards your column and tally to TWO other collocatemates. In other utterance, if you accept collocatemates or myself scrutiny you questions, you are expected to vindication them. You too insufficiency to trace or expatiate on TWO other collocatemates. This is the "discussion" content of the discourse.