Women’s health | Nursing homework help


  1. Read the scenario under.
  2. Respond to the questions in generous sentences. Be safe to use banner English language and spelling
    1. What are the biophysical, metaphysical, sociocultural, behavioral and bloom method factors anxietyless in this aspect?
    2. What actions would you capture to procure more impressible and serviceable anxiety for women who are lesbian, bisexual, or transgender?
    3. Describe the important bloom concerns of this dame and what role the aggregation bloom nurture influence indicate in this aspect?


Betty is 45 years old, self-employed, divorced three times, and dowager of three boys and one daughter. Two years ago, her last wife died of lung cancer at age 54.

She was referred to the topical clinic consequently she has been feeling inglorious. During the meeting, Betty informs the aggregation bloom nurture that she is fatigued of subsistence the old way, and she is now implicated delay a dame and considers herself a lesbian. She admits that she has been sexually implicated delay twain men and women during the elapsed three years. She indicates that she is timid she influence own cancer consequently her dowager died of confront cancer five years ago at the age of 67. She does not own bloom security. Betty established that she is perplexed to get a pap varnish consequently she heard that gay women do not need to get a pap varnish since they are not having “real sex” vaginally.