Week 9 final research paper: disease and nutrition

Week 9 Final Investigation Paper: Disease and Nutrition

The intention of this assignment is to synthesize and devote the attainments you gained in arrange into a calligraphic investigation pamphlet. For this assignment, you get commence investigation and transcribe a pamphlet containing three parts:

  1. Part I: Analyze nourishment
  2. Part II: Evaluate how the resigned’s nourishment affects:
    • The person’s heartiness (anatomy)
    • The series of the illness (pathophysiology)
    • Common medications associated after a while the disease
  3. Part III: Create resigned SMART goals and an declaration-based cunning of custody (resigned counsel)

Begin by viewing the resigned features and assignment details in the the Worksheets, Forms, and Templates area at left. Choose one resigned feature and use it to consummate Parts I–III of the assignment.

In union to the assignment specifics, your pamphlet should: 

  • Be 4–5 pages, not including the name and relation pages.
  • Source(s) should be integrated into the paragraphs. Use in-text citations pointing to declaration in the study and sustaining your ideas.
  • Incorporate a narrowness of two peer-reviewed sources into your pamphlet.
  • Use ordinary APA format to heading your pamphlet and to adduce your sources. Follow the inventory make of the exemplification pamphlet for the minority on calculations. You can download a exemplification pamphlet in the Worksheets, Forms, and Templates area at left.
  • Include a name page and a relation page inventorying the sources you used. Be infallible to cunning sufficient date for proofreading and editing.

Review the rubric for prefer knowledge on how your assignment get be graded.

Due: Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific date)

Points: 220