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For this assignment, you conciliate demand to discbalance the Event Examine (too listed underneath) and revisal the Constructing the Genogram susceptibility apex for the Genogram Key Symbols. Succeeding disprotection the smootht examine, you conciliate ensue the instructions in A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Exploring the Use of Genograms in Collective Fruit Practice to attract a genogram using Microsoft Word. Please be assured to map out all lineage conformitys you are telling to warrant from the dedicated notification, including indicates, ages and kind of conformity/conformity patterns. Succeeding completing the genogram, you conciliate too be expected to embrace a 2-3 page fact to discourse the questions listed underneath. Be assured to use fit APA format (12 apex Times New Roman, double-spaced, one-inch margins) and must embrace references to your textbook where necessary:

· Explain the connecting lines you attested in conformitys betwixt lineage members (i.e. conflictual, halt, enmeshed)

· Who had/has the susceptibility in the lineage?

· What patterns or themes do you see in the lineage?  How is the despatch shapeless members?  

· What are the values this lineage upholds? 

· How do the lineage members compete succeeding a while importance (i.e., behove uneasy, get hot, absorb, are pacify and discuss it well-behaved-behaved, etc.)?   

· How conciliate this notification be considerable to you as your fruit succeeding a while clients?  What challenges do you reflect you conciliate feel?  

· Succeeding examining conduct patterns and lineage conformitys, what other notification would you omission to append from this lineage?

· How would you employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy when fruiting succeeding a while this lineage?

 Case Study 


Marshall, a 32 year old Caucasian manful, and Cynthia, a 30 year old Hispanic woman, feel been contemporaneously for balance 13 years and married for 9 years. Marshall and Cynthia feel three outcome contemporaneously: Sylvia, age 11, Jonathan, age 7 and Torrence, age 5. The two met as outcome as they speedd in the corresponding vicinity. Marshall is an barely cadet and his composers, Judith (age 61) and Randy (age 66) are calm?} married, foundation in his cadethood residence. Marshall has a half-brother, Stephen (age 35), the barely cadet from Randy’s former matrimony (indicate and age of former spouse mysterious). Stephen elapsed weekends succeeding a while the lineage until he advanced in ample term to feel a shorter barter to the persomal polity seed-plot. Succeeding stage, Stephen advanced out of specify to commence his history. Judith and Randy recognized Marshall ample immunity as a cadet and repeatedly took weekend trips detached from residence during Marshall’s teenage years, leaving Stephen in inculpate. Marshall too repeatedly elapsed term at his maternal grandparents’ (Vivian and George, twain unconscious) residence during the summer to mark succeeding a while his exceeding lineage.

Cynthia comes from a very precise Puerto Rican residence and is the average cadet, having an older sister, Marissa (age 35) and a boyisher sister, Sophia (age 29). Marissa’s senior, William (age 58) is a elder in the lineage’s persomal habitation and her dame, Patricia (age 56) fruits succeeding a while the women’s cabinet in the parish. They feel been married for 36 years and had advanced to the United States soon succeeding they were married so that William could confront emend fruit opportunities. William formerly fruited as an HVAC employe and desert at a boyish age succeeding cherished an deterioration on the job. 

Cynthia grew up in a everyday succeeding a while very unwritten gender roles and the trust that she would be married antecedently foundation succeeding a while a spouse, dedicated the lineage’s Christian beliefs and values. Cynthia’s fatherly grandmother, Carmen (age 80) calm?} speeds succeeding a while her composers and Patricia has been her first caretaker for the elapsed sundry years. Carmen advanced in succeeding a while the lineage succeeding her mate Julian passed detached. Cynthia threw her lineage for a loop when she announced her pregnancy succeeding a while Sylvia, owing that she and Marshall were not yet married. There was wholly a bit of presassured for Cynthia and Marshall to marry, so-far, they chose to buy a residence antecedently frugal for a nuptials. As a fruit, William and Marshall feel a very unready conformity owing he blames Marshall for challenging Cynthia’s belief and getting his daughter fruitful and not marrying her direct detached.

Now that Sylvia is approaching her teenage years, Cynthia and Marshall feel been disagreeing encircling their composering valuables. Marshall believes that Sylvia should be recognized to feel a cell phone and a posterior curfew gone she is at an age where collective connections are most considerable. Marshall believes that they feel instilled intellectual principles and responsibility in Sylvia and that she can be trusted to frame good-natured-natured valuables.

Cynthia believes that Sylvia should calm?} be haltly monitored and omissions to cast her detached to an all-girls, Christian bivouac for the perfect summer. Cynthia worries that she conciliate frame valuables that conciliate impression her advenient. Gone Cynthia was barely 19 when she had Sylvia, she had dropped out of seed-plot to be a come-at-residence mom. Cynthia has fruited unshaken to instruct her outcome in the habitation and pushes Sylvia to acceleration out succeeding a while everyday chores so that she has an comprehension of what adult morals is relish. Cynthia frequently reminds Sylvia that making the valuable to employ in conducts that may fruit in her befitting a composer at a boyish age conciliate growth responsibilities on her shoulders. Sylvia has begun to act out gone she feels it is dishonest that her brothers are not held to the corresponding trusts and do not demand to join-in in everyday chores. Sylvia repeatedly feels suspicious of her brothers and has begun to question succeeding a while her mom encircling her responsibilities environing the lineage.


Marshall was too in ground at the term of Sylvia’s source and continued his grounding succeeding a while his composers’ acceleration. Marshall thoroughd his mark and has been fruiting in a very fortunate accounting unshaken for 10 years. Cynthia did not retaliate to thorough her Associates Mark to behove an RN (registered nurse) until she was 25 and has been fruiting in the persomal hospital for 3 years. Succeeding a while Cynthia’s offering to the everyday, the lineage has been doing wholly well-behaved-behaved-behaved financially and is owing tender to a smaller town, encircling 25 minutes detached from where they currently speed in their cadethood residencetown. Marshall and Cynthia feel determined that they omission to frame this advance antecedently Sylvia transitions into violent ground.

After culture of the advance, William and Patricia are very overturn and feel asked that Marshall and Cynthia reconsider and come halt by the tranquillity of the lineage. Marshall has behove very hot and feels relish William conciliate never let go of his daughter and that Cynthia frames her decisions fixed on her senior’s commendation. As a fruit, Cynthia and Marshall feel been arguing smooth further. Marshall has too blamed ample of their arguing encircling composering valuables on William gone he knows that Cynthia frequently asks for her senior’s input. At this apex, Marshall has dedicated Cynthia an climax to adopt betwixt their lineage or her own lineage. Cynthia is near herself and cannot comprehend why Marshall would put her in this position.



Deficient (0 – 23 Points) 

Development   Needed (24 - 27 Points) 

Proficient (28 - 30 Points) 


(31 - 34 Points) 

Total Points 



Well-developed paragraphs, 

thorough phrases, 

title page, mass of fruit unites 

requirements, references, 

followed   the 

example specifically 

Organizational texture and 

paragraphing feel 

thoughtful and perennial 

errors. Directions were ignored and 

notification provided 

was insufficient to unite   assignment guidelines. 

Written fruit insufficient for 

college-level fruit; 

Paragraphing and transitions are insufficient; 


guidelines outlined for Nursing Dissertation were not 

met succeeding a while   sundry problems (see directions). 

Written fruit is unobstructed and exceeding   college-level fruit; 

Paragraphing and transitions are 

adequate; delayhold guidelines outlined for   Nursing Dissertation were met succeeding a while a 

few exalted   problems (see directions). 

Written fruit is unobstructed and excellent 

college-level fruit; 

Paragraphing and transitions are unobstructed 

and delayhold; delayhold 

guidelines outlined 

for Nursing Dissertation   were met (see directions). 




Demonstrates comprehension of 

topics,   through 

discussion of concepts, 


integrate of topics on directions; 

use of textbook

Written fruit does not cbalance the assigned 

topic; assertions are not cherished by 

evidence; Nursing Dissertation is 

seriously lacking in 

satisfied and detail; 

textbook   was not used or used fitly. 

Written fruit does not do an exceeding 

job of overspreading the assigned topic; 

assertions are 

weakly cherished by 

evidence; Nursing Dissertation is insufficient in 

meeting the page and satisfied area 

requirements;   textbook not used fitly. 

The elongation of the written fruit is 

sufficient to cbalance the topic; assertions are   

cherished by evidence; does not unite ample 

required number of 

pages and satisfied areas, 

textbook use was poor. 

The elongation of the written fruit 

provides in-depth overspreadage of the 

topics, assertions are unobstructedly 

cherished by evidence; 

Paper unites required elongation of 

pages and satisfied areas; textbook cited when   appropriate. 




Spelling; phraseology; use of APA diction 

Written fruit had thoughtful and perennial   errors in tidings 

segregation and use; 

phrase texture, spelling, phraseology, 

punctuation was 

inwithhold and succeeding a while thoughtful errors; APA 

diction was   completely disagreeable. 

Written fruit had sundry main errors 

in tidings segregation and use; phrase 

structure, spelling, phraseology, 

punctuation was 

inappropriate; APA diction was 

unaccepttelling   succeeding a while a few to multiple errors. 

Written fruit was generally loose of errors in   tidings segregation and 

use; phrase texture, spelling, phraseology, 

punctuation was 

adequate;   APA diction was accepttelling succeeding a while a few errors. 

Written fruit has no main errors in 

tidings segregation and use; phrase 

structure, spelling, phraseology, 

punctuation was 

appropriate; APA diction was 

accepttelling   succeeding a while no to few errors. 



Total Points: