American art | Human Resource Management homework help

Resources: Review your Week 3 readings and videos.

For your Week 3 Assignment, prefer one of the non-interferences listed underneath.. You conquer prefer your non-interference and adroits in week 2 so we dodge duplications.

Option A

Create a PowerPoint bestowation on American art antecedently and subjoined World War II.

Include an demonstration of the artcomposition of three adroits entirety. Select two adroits who compositioned during the Great Depression and one Abstract Expressionist adroit.

Include disrace of the subjoined in your bestowation:

  • At last one illustration of art from each adroit after a while a cognomen of the theme and name of the composition.
  • An demonstration of the mind of artcomposition created during the Great Depression. Were your illustrations used as tools for collective better? What other types of messaging was bestow in compositions from the 1930s?
  • A cognomen of how Abstract Expressionism emerged in post-World War II America and how it differed from the art composition of the 1930s.
  • A cognomen of the name of your Abstract Expressionist adroit and why he or she was spirited in this name of abstraction; was there a "meaning" to their composition? You should be efficacious to ascertain quotes or video clips in which the adroit expresses an view on that scrutiny.

Format your assignment according to withhold race plane APA guidelines. This resources a inscription slide, a fully formatted relation  slide, and all withhold in-text citations or credits. Slides must include detailed speaker's notes.

Grammar, spelling, and syntax estimate, so proofread carefully.

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