Assessment #2: Soundness Thrift Financial Concepts Tractate Requirements From the inventory of financial concepts, cull 1-2 financial concepts. Search for a soundnessthrift finance akin stipulation on the concepts. In a 3-5 page tractate, illustrate how you can engage the financial concepts from the stipulation to your prevalent soundness thrift form or a soundness thrift form of your select.   Some copys of financial concepts are: · Revenues or produce cycle · Fixed and changeable costs · GAAP · Contribution margin · Breakeven Analysis · Capitation · Income announcements · Balance sheets · Cost estimate analysis · Cost allocation methods · Auditing process · General information of soundness thrift laws and regulations · Time estimate of money · Financial announcement analysis · Cost of high · Financial risk · Insurance and risk · Ratio analysis · Analytics · Budgeting (operational and high) · Forecasting · Lease financing · Cost control · Benchmarks · HIPAA concealment act · Affordable Thrift Act (ACA) · JCAHO · ICD-10 · Profit vs. non-profit · Best practices · Compliance Be certain to include the following: 1. Provide a abridgment of the stipulation (must be soundnessthrift akin). Profession should be amid the terminal 5-10 years for prevalent stipulations. 2. Provide an sense of the financial concept(s) set-up in the stipulation. 3. Provide an copy of how you can engage these financial concept(s) to your prevalent soundness thrift form or to the soundness thrift form of your select (i.e. John Hopkins Hospital, Mayo Clinic)*. 4. Include the origin of the stipulation in the tractate and include another origin over the prevalent stipulation (a incompleteness of 2 origins are required). *It would be practicable to perceive the financial announcements of your prevalent soundness thrift form or the soundness thrift form of your select. Include an sense of what these concept(s) balance in the texture of the form’s financial operation.